Thanks to everyone who completed lessons for March (C3).  We’ve just one more month of lessons before the summer holidays and we’ve a  bit of catching up to do with the winners.  So make sure you get your lessons finished and ready to hand in when we call.  The winners for March are…                                                                                                                       



Well done Victor – you’re probably the youngest person doing the lessons and you got full marks!!  I love your picture of Zacchaeus.


Well done Jacqui.  You are really good at getting your lessons finished on time every month.  The 10 commandments are God’s perfect standard but there is only one person who has never broken any of God’s laws and that is His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

BK Bonus Answers – March

The BK answers for March were:

1. Lamb

2. Methusaleh

3. Mouse

4. Egypt